About me

Sophia Choleva 
I was born and raised in Larissa, a capital city of Thessaly periphery, in central Greece. 

I studied Informatics and Mass Media (Honors BA in Informatics and Mass Media) and also I have a Master Degree in Creative Writing (University of West Macedonia) 

Since 2008 I'm a member of “Roots&Routes” which is an international network for the promotion of cultural and social diversity in contemporary performing arts and media. 
I took part in different courses and collaborated with other media talents from more than ten European countries. In May 2008 I represented my country as a media talent in Florence- Italy. (R&R-Maze @ Fabbrica Europa Festival 2008) 

So far I have worked in several jobs, such as a newspaper reporter,video editor, radio producer, IT specialist etc. Since October 2013 I have been working as a employment consultant in OAED. Furthermore, I'm an amateur guitar and synthesizers player.I'm an active blogger since 2005.I adore travelling,editing,writing and reading. Also I published my first writing work in June 2012 at Lexitanil Magazine- ISSN 1792-1066 (University of Macedonia Publications)

Specialties: short stories
travel writing

Τα πρώτα γενέθλια

2/10/2018 Σαν σήμερα έγινα μάνα. Σε γέννησα με αυτόν τον τρόπο που λέμε φυσιολογικά . Το ρολόι απέναντι έγραφε εικοσιδύο...