About me

Sophia Choleva 
I was born and raised in Larissa, a capital city of Thessaly periphery, in central Greece. 

I studied Informatics and Mass Media (Honors BA in Informatics and Mass Media) and also I have a Master Degree in Creative Writing (University of West Macedonia) 

Since 2008 I'm a member of “Roots&Routes” which is an international network for the promotion of cultural and social diversity in contemporary performing arts and media. 
I took part in different courses and collaborated with other media talents from more than ten European countries. In May 2008 I represented my country as a media talent in Florence- Italy. (R&R-Maze @ Fabbrica Europa Festival 2008) 

So far I have worked in several jobs, such as a newspaper reporter,video editor, radio producer, IT specialist etc. Since October 2013 I have been working as a employment consultant in OAED. Furthermore, I'm an amateur guitar and synthesizers player.I'm an active blogger since 2005.I adore travelling,editing,writing and reading. Also I published my first writing work in June 2012 at Lexitanil Magazine- ISSN 1792-1066 (University of Macedonia Publications)

Specialties: short stories
travel writing

Στα τριάντα και βγάλε....

Μεσιάζοντας τα τριάντα, το κοντέρ τα έχει γράψει τα χιλιομετράκια του και εντάξει στα τριάντα κάτι και βγάλε δεν είσαι ακόμα για απόσυ...